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Sharksuits Protective Gear For Professional Divers.

If you are looking for a sharksuit, for Jeremiah Sullivan™ (founder of Neptunic and SharkArmor Tech) or for any of his other products, you've come to the right place. Jeremiah's sharksuits and related gear are available to professional divers within the scientific, military, public safety, commercial/salvage, film/television markets, as well as to qualified consumers. Both his pioneering research into the reality of human/shark interactions, as well as his development of the legendary sharksuit, have provided protection for professional divers worldwide for 35 years. Sullivan and his work have been instrumental in the development of the global shark diving industry. The latest generation of shark protection gear, ‘SharkArmor’, is available exclusively through

We also provide maintenance on Jeremiah's earlier generation Neptunic Sharksuits.

Technical Inquiry and Sales

Sharksuits are sold on a consultation basis only. Please contact us for more information.
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Technical InnovationProtective Synergistic Multifunctional Systems
Consulting & Development

Extending Survivability since 1978… Protective solutions invented by Jeremiah Sullivan™ have been extending survivability in hazardous environments for decades. Applications for his unique problem solving skills include the DOD, Public Safety, Industrial and Action Sports Industries where he and his team have established an entirely new threshold for advanced protective solutions.

In the late 1970's, marine biologist Jeremiah Sullivan developed a flexible suit of armor for divers to wear while working around sharks. The suit has often been referred to as the Metal Mesh Shark Suit, Chain Mail Anti-Shark Suit, Steel Mesh Shark Suit, Neptunic Sharksuit etc. The technology Sullivan developed and continues to advance is known around the world and has been instrumental in the development of the global shark diving industry. Jeremiah Sullivan's pioneering work with the anti-bite technology has become the world standard among those who must work under hazardous circumstances with sharks in the open sea. He or his technologies have participated in over 100 television and film projects, as well as museum and technology exhibits including the Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the Vitra Design Museum in Essen, Germany. An individual of diverse interests, Jeremiah has always maintained parallel careers in both art and science. He believes this combination of disciplines is the key to creativity. Jeremiah has spent many years working in remote areas of the world on the leading edge of the adventure industry. He is deeply involved in environmental issues globally, both above and below the surface of the water.

Film + TVTelevison Host + Guest Apperances + Shark Authority

Jeremiah Sullivan™ is recognized as the pioneer of extreme interactions with sharks in the open sea. Jeremiah has sustained thousands of shark bites with no significant injuries to himself, divers in his care or the wild sharks with which he works. Jeremiah is the first known person to have conducted 'Friendly Encounters' with large Great White Sharks in the open sea (1987). Those astonishing historical interactions set the stage for things to come and were no doubt conceptually formative in multiple film and commercial projects. Jeremiah's work and developments with his Sharksuits are the world standard and have been instrumental in the development of the global shark diving industry. Without question Jeremiah Sullivan remains one of the most experienced shark interaction specialists in the water.

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Media Consulting + Public Speaking

With over 30 years experience working with sharks and developing protective solutions for extreme envrionments. Jeremiah Sullivan™ will bring a unique perspective to your media consulting projects and public speaking events. Contact us today for an extraordinarily memorable event.

Public Speaking Topics Include

  • Sharks + Shark Behavior
  • Human Interaction With Sharks
  • Global Shark Diving Industry
  • Marine Conservation
  • Technical Innovation
  • Extending Survivability in Hazardous Environments
  • Ecotourism & Remote Travel

Photographer Fashion + Location + Remote

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